The supply of liquid fertilizers in season is a challenge for all fertilizer suppliers. In order to be able to supply our customers with the right quality and the agreed quantity on time, we have a total of 32,000 m³ of tank storage capacity at our locations in Hünxe and Braunschweig.
In addition, we offer tank storage capacities to provide our industrial customers with a quick service, for example in the event of an accident.
We also have a total of 11,000 m² of covered storage space for solids at our locations in Hünxe and Mieste.

Rental of tank capacity:

With tank sizes from 50 m³ to 3,500 m³, we have the right solution for all requirements

Own Jetty:

We offer you the opportunity to receive your products by ship on both the Mittelland Canal and the Wesel-Datteln Canal.

Small quantity distribution:

We organize the logistics of sacks, IBCs or big bags for you

There is no waste as long as it still contains valuable substances


With our technical facilities we are able to process your products. Whether dusty or lumpy, we can crush, sift, separate, grind and moisten.

Pelleting and granulating

With our own installation we produce pellets with a diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm. We can also pre-treat your Pellet with additives, clean or mix it with other raw materials in the production of pellets through the extensive production line.