Waste is valuable!
The sustainable use of raw materials is at the heart of our work. We develop complete concepts for reuse and professional application of industrial by-products. Our goal is to close cycles and thus conserve natural resources.
We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers!

By-products - and Recycling models:

We develop individual solution concepts for your company


From permit to application and beyond

Revitalizing unused industrial sites:

Use of inactive sites for reintegration into the economic cycle

There is no waste as long as it still contains valuable substances


In order to be able to respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers, Soepenberg has its own transport company. This allows us to ensure that the various transports are carried out quickly and reliably.
Our trucks transport liquids to solids, from containers to general cargo!

Industrial Area & Regenerative Energy in Dollbergen

Reuse of an abandoned industrial site into a modern industrial site in which a combination with regenerative industry has been sought. A new opportunity for a commercial and industrial cluster in Dollbergen is in development!